Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Nordic Creative Limited. It is not required for the client or customer to sign acceptance for these terms and conditions to apply, agreement to our terms and conditions is made by accepting a quotation or request of our services.

Quotations & Invoicing

Quotations are valid for 45 days from the quotation date. Unless agreed in advance, for new projects a minimum of 25% of the quotation is required in advance before work can begin, a further 25% will be invoiced after the development stage and the remaining 50% invoiced on live or release of finished materials. Our invoices have a due date 45 days after the date of issue. Should the client wish to terminate the contract at any time during the build, all ‘hours worked’ will be totalled and billed. Quotations are only an estimate and whilst we endeavour to remain within budget (most of our builds do) significant changes or additions to the brief may result in additional charges, we will notify clients if we feel there is a risk of going over budget. Payment of invoices must be made via BACS, we do not accept cheques.

Support & On-going Work

After a project has been signed off (post go-live) or for support only clients, all on-going work is billed hourly as per our rate card (available on request) with a minimum charge of 0.5hrs. Whilst we aim to keep our rates the same, we reserve the right to change rates and aim to give 30 days notice before a rate change will occur. Unless agreed in advance, all support work is billed monthly (on the 1st of the month, for the previous month). Unless requested, we do not provide quotations for support work.

Security Updates & Backups

Our security updates and backups include, Uptime Monitoring (24hrs), Core Updates (24hrs), Plugin Updates (24 hrs), Security Monitoring Real Time (IP Blocking, Brute Force Blocking), Daily Database Backup. Our aim is to provide excellent security and failsafe to ensure our clients websites are safe from attack and safely backed up, to date we have a 100% success record and aim to keep it that way. However we cannot guarantee that data will never be lost or hacked, especially due to negligence with client logins. Please be careful with your data.

Revisions & Feedback

We provide opportunities throughout the build for revisions and feedback during both the design and development phases. If significant changes are required outside of the original specification further charges may occur, this will be discussed with the client should this happen.

Project Deadlines & Turnaround

Time estimates and deadlines will be discussed in advance of the beginning of the project, we aim to meet and improve on delivery times when possible. Timings are also influenced by the client; failure to provide timely responses, feedback, material or significant brief changes all influence our ability to meet deadlines. To best meet deadlines, we ask that our clients have a clear vision of what they require with materials (such as high quality content, graphics, text and media) ready before the project begins. If materials or feedback cannot be provided in a timely manner it will delay our progress with the project.

Browsers & Operating Systems

Our delivered websites are tested for the upper 99% of all operating systems and browsers to ensure excellent compatibility, we cannot guarantee compatibility on niche or very old systems. Should certain compatibility requirements be required (such as areas of the world with slow connections or old systems) we need to be notified in advance of the project beginning.


On completion of the website, ownership is transferred over to the client after final payment. Unless agreed in advance, our Design Credit must remain on the website for 12 months after go-live.

Design Credit & Portfolio

Unless agreed in advance, a small design credit ‘Website by Nordic Creative’ will be placed discreetly in the footer matching the look and feel of the website. We also reserve the right to use the website on our own portfolio unless agreed in advance.


Nordic Creative Limited excludes ourselves, our employees and agents from all and any liability from, but not limited to: Loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy. Loss or damage caused by omission. Loss or damage caused by delay. Loss or damage to our clients content or media.

Domains, Hosting & Access

By subscribing to our hosting package, the client also agrees to the Terms & Conditions of our partner Catalyst2. Our hosting is billed in advance, yearly, with a minimum contract of 12 months which is non-refundable. Our hosting package is subject to fair use, and we reserve the right to terminate a package if it is abused for illegal or immoral activities. Extremely high bandwidth websites or websites with an excess of 5GB of data may require an additional charge but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Termination of a hosting package requires a minimum of 1 months notice, on termination all website materials (CPanel) will be provided as a downloadable archive available for 1 week. We are not responsive for loss of data caused by our clients CMS administrator accounts.

For more information on any of our services, including a free quote, please call us on +44 (0) 20 8144 0915 or email hello@nordiccreative.co.uk

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