A great website needs to be seen. The way in which a website is developed has an important influence on how the major search engines (including Google) index and rank its content.

The Search Engine Optimisation we offer is called ‘On-Site’ SEO. This is a type of analysis and development which ensures that the content of a website is easily readable by the robots that crawl, index and rank web pages across the internet. These factors include:

While these single factors are important, the overall build of a website can also have an impact on its ranking. Google has started to take site speed very seriously, both on mobile and desktop. Our lightweight framework contains a series of systems that have been designed to guarantee prompt load times, further increasing page value.

Our packages vary, depending on the type of website. For new builds, we include a high level of on-site SEO from the start. For existing websites, we offer an optimisation package that includes a full analysis of the existing framework. Changes and improvements can then be implemented as required.

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