A great website needs to be seen, and the way a website is developed has an important influence on how the major search engines (including Google) index and rank it’s content.

The Search Engine Optimisation we offer is called ‘On-Site’ SEO. This is a type of analysis and development that ensures the content of a website is easily readable by the robots that crawl, index and rank web pages across the internet, these factors include:

Whilst single factors are important, the complete build of a website can also have an impact on it’s ranking. Google has started to take site speed very seriously, both on mobile and desktop, and our lightweight framework contains a series of systems that ensure prompt load times further increasing page value.

The package we offer varies depending on the type of website we are working with. For new builds, we include a high level of on-site SEO right out of the box, and for existing websites we offer a optimisation package where we analyse the current framework and make changes are required.

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