A Clean Design

Now in it’s second generation, the Vertical Gear website has been designed and developed in-house since it’s initial concept. Featuring a completely fluid responsive framework, the website looks stunning on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

On-site SEO has been a big factor during the development as the site’s reach is organic only, our comprehensive SEO reviews have allowed Vertical Gear to rank fantastically including a vast array of rich snippets (including star ratings, authors and stock inventory).

The entire website is based around a clean UX, with the minimum amount of clicks needed to reach the users end target the website not only looks good, but functions smoothly and intuitively.

A Powerful Framework

However the challenges were only beginning, the site required an advanced and highly automated price comparison engine, that pulled tracked datafeeds from affiliate retailers into a database where the reviewed products (and later, shop items) could be cross referenced and a detailed list of live ‘best prices’ could be generated for the user.

The review system, the online shop and price comparison integration was key to the revenue model of the website, the result is a fully automated system which has achieved the retrieval and comparison of tracked daily best prices allowing the sought after passive income scenario of this niche startup.

Fully Responsive

As the website moves from strength to strength, we continue to support this niche magazine in it’s endeavor to become the go-to place for reviews on outdoor equipment. From it’s high automated systems, to clean UX and modern design, we are very proud to feature this website on our portfolio as a start-to-end project.