Delivering A Message

In the grand scheme of things, creating websites isn’t the most philanthropic of endeavours. Whilst it’s fantastic to help businesses and organisations grow, to be involved in delivering a message which will positively impact peoples lives is truly an honour, so when Trinity asked us to design and develop a new website we jumped at the chance.

An excellent UX was vital for the Trinity website, we needed to take the information, resources and connections that Trinity have available and deliver them in the most engaging way possible, this has been achieved through a highly graphic interface, utilising powerful imagery and recognisable icons to allow quick and easy navigation around the website.

Multi Platform

It was crucial that the website worked well and had a consistent user experience across many different platforms, browsers and devices. Our bespoke framework is completely responsive from large desktop down to mobile, and we didn’t cut out any information along the way allowing the UX to remain consistent in delivering the important information and resources Trinity have to offer.

Another important factor was readability and accessibility from either older equipment, or slower connections from community centres and donated devices which would be available to the homeless, the website needed to be both fast and easy to read. Using clear typography, and a minimalist framework the website loads quickly and is easy to read wherever you are.

Easy Content Management

The website is build on the popular and easy-to-use WordPress framework, we also integrated custom field-sets to ensure all content can be edited without disturbing any of the front-end design or layout. The theme also includes several templates which provides the client with layout options for site pages in order to best display and communicate their information.