A Fantastic Cause

Refugees At Home approached us to improve their current website, which was in need of a complete redesign and development. As an online charity, the website is the main point of contact for them and we wanted to make sure that we could deliver their message clearly as to maximise their impact.

The existing website had a lot of great content but was poorly organised, this created a confusing user experience. Our aim was to take their content, including rich media, and work around their objectives to best sort and display this information in a dynamic and captivating manner.

A Rich User Experience

Working with the charity’s existing brand and colours, we totally redesigned their old website from a rather confusing text driven design, to a beautiful and clear user driven design with powerful imagery throughout. In addition to a image driven design, we used colour blocks to separate content, to give the website room to breathe. The website now delivers it’s message in a much more dynamic way.

The rich front-end is driven by a WordPress CMS, with a totally custom field-set to ensure all content is managed easily and formatted correctly across the entire website. As with every project, we ensure that content input is totally straightforward and all formatting and design is automatically applied to ensure a website that is future proof both in terms of content and design.

Totally Responsive

The Refugees at Home website is also totally responsive, built mobile-first. The grid layout drops down to a single column on mobile for optimal browsing, and our automatic image optimisation software ensures that all media is compressed to load quickly on any connect without compromising quality.

As with all our websites, extensive compatibility testing is done to ensure a consistent experience across all devices, operating systems and browsers. As the website responds by percentage, it fills the view port on any device type which ensures fantastic consistency in design and content delivery.