One Page

The Insane Robots website is a brochure website intended to inform and promote sales of the video game, the simple one page layout creates a engaging user experience as more detailed information is presented the further down the page the user scrolls. Without any requirement to click or navigate, all the details on the video game are easy to find and digest.

Call to actions are strategically positioned throughout which will take the user to the relevant platform of purchase, with the overall design of the website matching the in-play of the game, the user get’s a very good understanding of what they are buying before they commit to a purchase.

A Fluid Framework

With a design with many graphic and interactive elements, ensuring a complete fluid transition across all platforms was a key factor in the framework. From the largest desktop, to the smallest phone screens and everything in between, the website adapts with ease to fit any screen size.

This responsive layout includes the transformation of all graphic and text elements, with particular attention paid to the proportions of spacing and alignment as all the elements interact with each other.