Delivering A Message

With an important message to deliver, this website required a very a clean and clear UX. With a minimalist design and captivating imagery, the Equal Measures 2030 website has been designed to communicate with the user and guide them through the organisation with an interactive single page scroll.

With an auto adjustment to fit the view port height, the website keeps focus on each section to ensure maximum impact and engagement throughout. The site has been built with expansion in mind as we continue to work throughout 2017 on creating separate pages the site will continue to grow.

A Responsive Framework

The Equal Measures 2030 website is completely bespoke from the ground up, running on WordPress CMS our lightweight framework is completely responsive to all browser sizes and devices. With the geometric shapes being particularly challenging, the site makes use of JQuery to adapt in realtime to the particular devices requires.


Easy Content Management

The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) has been customised with totally unique field-sets to ensure that complex pages can be easily created with a variety of content types. The key here is to maintain front-end design, all formatting is taken care of by the theme to ensure a consistent user experience across the website.