Refined UX

As part of the Driver Group of companies, the Diales site required a concept that fitted in with the group’s image as well as having it’s own refined identity. Utilising clean lines, and logical navigation, the Diales site features a refined UX that allows the user to quickly access any information on the site within 3 clicks and deliver it in a clear and engaging manner.

The framework is completely bespoke and responsive from large desktop all the way down to mobile, all whilst remaining easy to use on any device. With advanced graphics compression, complete caching and intelligent rendering, the Diales site loads quickly, even on slower connections.

AJAX Search

The Diales site also features a bespoke AJAX search system of the CMS which promptly renders the results on screen without exiting to a new page. Multiple criteria can be selected, and as this happens the system automatically updates the results in realtime without any requirement for further input or delay.

Running on the ever popular and easy to use WordPress CMS, the site is quickly editable for the client. As with all our sites, all functional systems are built specifically for this project and we avoid the use of third party plugins, this ensures no extra baggage on the website when it is loading.

Fully Responsive

The Diales website is fully responsive from mobile through to tablet and desktop. As the website resizes by percentage it automatically fits any screen size and has a consistent user experience across all platforms and operating systems.

Paired with custom field-sets in a user friendly Content Management System (WordPress), all content is easily editable including all search criteria and meta tags on the AJAX search system.