Creative Storytelling

One of the company’s key values is the story, and because of this the website needed a visually engaging layout. With a minimal design, the focus of the user is directed towards the content, not the website, this is achieved with credit to Bow River’s fantastic material.

With captivating hero imagery and modern typography, the minimalist layout communicates quickly with the user allowing convenient browsing of the company’s portfolio with a natural progression to move towards the contact section of the website encouraging interaction.

Our Responsive Framework

The website is built on our bespoke, lightweight and high performance framework. The framework is constructed from the ground up for each project, ensuring each of our websites is totally unique and not dependent on third party systems.

As with all of our websites, the Bow River framework is totally responsive from large desktop down to small mobile (and everything in-between), the site adapts fluidly by percentage to ensure a consistent UX, no matter what type of device or operating system used.